Global Alphathon 2022


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Global Alphathon 2022 is one of the major competitions in the field of Quantitative Finance organized by WorldQuant BRAIN Company. WorldQuant has cooperated with the Faculty of International Economics of Foreign Trade University to organize courses and competitions for students. With the desire to find talented candidates to cooperate in promoting sustainable global investment development financial strategies. In addition, this will be a useful playground for the students of Foreign Trade University as well as other students of the Economic and Financial sector.
This global competition will bring many rewards, including:
• Teams with good records will be considered eligible for cash prizes up to 105,000 USD.
• The opportunity to receive official positions, internships and become a research service provider with WorldQuant BRAIN
• Participate in exclusive training sessions by Finance industry experts
Find out more details at and register for a team of 1-4 members today. Please refer to the official guidelines for applicable terms and restrictions.
Target audience: Foreign Trade University students and University students majoring in Economics – Finance.
Registration period is from August 1 to September 25, 2022.
Stage 1: Qualifiers will take place from August 15 to September 25, 2022.
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