From December 11th, 2023, to December 18th, 2023, a team consisting of 02 lecturers and 07 students from the Faculty of Accounting – Auditing at the Foreign Trade University participated in the Global Audit Simulation competition at Sunway University, Malaysia. This competition simulated real audit programs on a global scale organized by the Sunway TES Centre for Accountancy Excellence, in collaboration with ACCA association and Big 5 multinational audit firms PwC, EY, KPMG Deloitte, and BDO.

This December competition attracted nearly 200 participants from Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Participants were divided into 20 audit teams. Under the guidance of the Big 5 and the organizing committee, each team devised its plan, conducted audits, and provided audit opinions on the financial report of a hypothetical company. At the end of 8 days of work, each team had to complete and submit 10 main working papers of the audit stages and present the audit findings of the group on time. The working process and audit files would be evaluated by the Big 5 and the organizing committee to select the top 5 teams with outstanding performance.

🎊 This year, the Faculty of Accounting – Auditing at the Foreign Trade University is honored to have 2 students receive the highest awards in the program:

🥇 1st Prize – Phạm Phương Mai – Leader – Audit team 5

🥉 3rd Prize – Hoàng Hà Lê – Team member – Audit team 7

🎁 The Faculty of Accounting – Auditing congratulates these students and believes that these results will be the initial step for them to pursue their ambitious career paths!