Social Business Creation (SBC) Contest officially back


Social Business Creation (SBC) is a global competition and an innovative training platform initiated by HEC Montrรฉal University of Canada, through which participants learn how to build business models to solve problems. social problems and challenges. The program is sponsored by Scotiabank (Canada) and in partnership with the Yunus Center founded by Professor Muhammad Yunus – Nobel Peace Prize 2006 -.

From an idea of โ€‹โ€‹social mission at the start of the competition, the participants will learn how to create profitable project/business model with strong social impact. In addition to innovative learning methods and rich experiences, SBC also offers participants the opportunity to win many awards, scholarships, training courses, business visits, live project pitching with teams. global competition held in Canada, and obtained post-Contest incubation funding from EntrePrism.

After 2 seasons of cooperation in Vietnam in 2018 – 2019, Foreign Trade University officially joined the network of co-organizers of SBC worldwide and became the exclusive hub of SBC Hub in Vietnam. receive applications and select projects to participate in the Global Final round in Canada.

Information about SBC 2021:

Participants: Vietnamese and international students and young people studying at universities, colleges, and high schools in Vietnam and in the region; businesses are implementing business models that create social impact. Each team consists of at least 1 student member.

By participating in the contest, you will have the opportunity to receive:

The biggest prize value up to 30,000 CAD cash

Full Scholarship Online Training Course from HEC Montrรฉal worth 500 CAD for each attendee

Connect with young people and businesses with the same passion and creative ideas for social business

Visiting and learning social enterprise models in Canada

Pitching the project directly with global teams held in Canada

Chance to win incubator funding after the Competition from EntrePrism Incubator (Canada)

Get certificates and prizes through each round

Opportunity to be recognized for equivalent subject credits through each test round at FTU and HEC

As long as you are a young person, you want to connect and develop a business project that creates social impact. Register quickly to participate in Kick-off and Team-up Workshops in January 2021:


Contact Info:

Hotline: 0904651868 (Mrs Hang) – 0355258939 (Ms Trang)

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