Recap of the Seminar “Auditors’ Cultures & Skills for Success”


📅 On the morning of June 21, 2024, the Accounting – Auditing Faculty collaborated with EY Vietnam to organize the seminar “Auditors’ Cultures & Skills for Success”. This seminar was also the final session in a series of practical training activities for accounting and auditing students in the ACCA-oriented program, signed among Foreign Trade University, ACCA, and EY Vietnam.

The seminar was attended by representatives from EY Vietnam, including Ms. Lê Thị Ngọc Hà – Deputy HR Director, Ms. Sầm Minh Hằng – HR Assistant, Mr. Đoàn Tuấn Vũ – Audit Team Leader, Mr. Đỗ Quốc Khánh and Ms. Phùng Thu Huyền – Senior, Assurance. From the Accounting – Auditing Faculty, Associate Professor Dr. Nguyễn Thị Thu Hằng, MSc. Cồ Văn Chiến, and K60 students were present.

The seminar began with Ms. Lê Thị Ngọc Hà introducing the Open Working Space environment at EY Vietnam, emphasizing the importance of both professional knowledge and soft skills in the career development of accounting and auditing, as well as preparing students for the upcoming internship program.

Next, the speakers shared experiences and practical insights about workplace culture and essential soft skills for auditors.
👨‍💼 Mr. Đỗ Quốc Khánh highlighted the importance of behavior and personal branding. He mentioned the flexibility in attire at EY while ensuring a professional demeanor.
👩‍💼 Ms. Phùng Thu Huyền focused on developing soft skills through EY’s tools and learning platforms such as EY Helix, EY Atlas, and EY L&D. She also emphasized the importance of skills like effective email writing, face-to-face communication, time management, and teamwork.
👨‍💼 Mr. Đoàn Tuấn Vũ stressed EY’s Code of Conduct and data protection guidelines. He presented an engaging case study on “phishing” to help students learn valuable lessons and highlighted the importance of professional integrity.

At the end of the seminar, Ms. Sầm Minh Hằng provided detailed information about the Internship Program FY25. According to the cooperation agreement between EY Vietnam and Foreign Trade University, students in the ACCA-oriented Accounting – Auditing program have the opportunity to participate in the priority recruitment program (Fast Track) if they pass five ACCA subjects, including FA, FR, AA, and attend EY’s training sessions. These students will directly enter the final round of EY Vietnam’s recruitment process, the Individual Interview round. This is a significant advantage for the program’s students and underscores the high quality of the training program as recognized by employers.

The seminar provided valuable knowledge and career opportunities for students. The Accounting – Auditing Faculty hopes that EY Vietnam will continue to collaborate on many more activities in the future.