🌟 Last May 13, 2023, Faculty of Accounting and Auditing, Foreign Trade University with the support of students K60 and K61 ACCA successfully organized the event FAA ACCA Ignition Day 2023. After one academic year rarely met because of the epidemic, now, the students have had the opportunity to interact with each other, next to the teachers to increase the bond and closeness.

✨ Forget about the pressure of schoolwork, the students together went through Team building activities that were very exciting, useful and full of energy. In particular, we also enjoy the talents of students as well as teachers through unique games and special musical performances.

🍀 For FAA ACCA Ignition Day 2023 to take place successfully, it is impossible not to mention the enthusiastic contribution and support from the teachers of the Faculty of Accounting – Auditing as well as the excitement and enthusiasm of the students in the faculty during the time the event was held. Professionalism and enthusiasm are probably the most meaningful gifts that teachers and students receive after this event.

📷 For now, let’s take a look back at the great moments of the FAA ACCA Ignition Day 2023 trip!