Online short-term training courses – IMA


🍀IMA is a prestigious global professional association in the field of Management Accounting and Financial Management in the United States, established in 1919 with more than 85,000 members recognized in more than 140 countries. Within the framework of cooperation Between IMA and Foreign Trade University in recent years, the Association has visited and worked with teachers and students of the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing many times and supported the university in training activities in the field of management accounting. treat.

🍀In addition to building professional orientations for management accountants and training organizations for the CMA (Certification of Management Accounting) certification, the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) also focuses on organizing training courses. short-term online to support knowledge and soft skills for learners. For students of the Faculty of Accounting – Auditing, registering for these online courses will help supplement career competencies and enrich the resume after graduation in job search.

🍀Students can choose short courses in  9 groups including:

📣Ethics and Business Leadership

📣Planning and Analysis

📣Future Management Accounting

📣Technology Capability

📣Innovation, governance and operations

📣Management and publication of reports

📣Strategic Cost Management

📣Manage performance, create motivation

📣Excel Course

Detailed information about the course, information about tuition fees, study schedule and  registration at the following link: =item