Business Transfomer Challenge 2023


In recent years, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals have become essential considerations alongside financial objectives in all business-related activities, such as decision-making, external reporting, and investment choices. Consequently, ESG has become an intriguing research and practical topic not only for financial experts but also for university students. To provide an academic platform for students, ACCA sponsors the SAPP Academy, an ACCA Gold Standard Training Provider, to organize the Business Transformer Challenge 2023 with the theme “ESG – Embrace, Understand, and Lead.”

The Business Transformer Challenge 2023 – “ESG – Embrace, Understand, and Lead” will be held in August this year for students majoring in accounting, auditing, finance, and business nationwide. Participants will go through three rounds of competition, which cover in-depth knowledge in financial accounting, business, as well as market economics and an enhanced understanding of sustainable development in business. Particularly in the third round, contestants will have the opportunity to receive training and guidance from experts in the field at large companies and enterprises. The winning team will consist of students who demonstrate a combination of strong professional knowledge, collaborative spirit, technological competence, creativity, strategic vision, sustainable development mindset, and an unwavering commitment to professional ethics. Join the Business Transformer Challenge 2023 Launch Ceremony on July 7, 2023, featuring two special guests: Ms. Oanh Le ACCA – Chief Financial Officer of Vietcetera and Ms. Nguyen Bich Phuong – Former International Relations Director of Vingroup.


👉 BTC 2023 Launch Ceremony: July 7, 2023, at 19:00 (GMT+7) on Zoom webinar:

👉 Website and Registration Link for the competition:

👉 Fanpage:

👉 Registration Deadline: August 2, 2023

👉 Hotline: For any inquiries about the competition, please contact Ms. Huong – 0943.457.166 SCHEDULE:

  • 7/7 – 2/8/2023: Open registration and finalizing the participant list
  • 3/8 – 5/8/2023: Round 1 competition (individual online format)
  • 8/8 – 14/8/2023: Round 2 competition, selecting 4 outstanding teams to advance to Round 3
  • 15/8 – 25/8/2023: Preparation for Round 3, with the 4 competing teams receiving guidance from experienced mentors to prepare for their presentations/arguments
  • 26/8/2023: Grand Finale

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