What you need to know about ACCA’s career-oriented Accounting – Auditing major


Because the current demand for information about ACCA’s career-oriented Accounting – Auditing major is very high, and currently on FB, the information shared about this programme by the Faculty is not fulfilled. So the Faculty of Accounting – Auditing will dedicate this post to introduce to you:
ACCA stands for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. This is a professional association formed a long time ago (1904) and has great prestige in the world. The program will help students master theoretical foundations and highly practical skills. Therefore, ACCA qualifications are widely recognized and have great value for businesses, especially multinational companies, foreign audit firms.
ACCA’s career-oriented Accounting – Auditing major is the first program implemented by ACCA at universities in Vietnam, so students enrolled in this program will have many opportunities to receive support from ACCA, such as ACCA scholarships, opportunities to be introduced to jobs by ACCA, participate in activities organized by ACCA for excellent students of universities, connect with the Alumni system…
1. Curriculum
The ACCA curriculum consists of 13 subjects, including 03 knowledge subjects (F1 – F3), 06 skills subjects (F4 – F9) and 04 professional subjects, mainly in 3 areas: Accounting, Auditing and Finance. The content of ACCA’s career-oriented Accounting – Auditing training program is the teaching of subjects from F1 to F9 in the ACCA program to the bachelor’s program in Accounting – Auditing at Foreign Trade University. Students enrolled in this program will apply the following mechanisms:
– Studying at the university and taking internal exams organized and scored by Foreign Trade University in 3 knowledge subjects (F1, F2, F3) and 2 skills subjects (F4, F6) of the ACCA program.
– Study at the university and register with ACCA in the general exam of subjects F5, F7, F8, F9.
– All documents and textbooks of 9 subjects according to international standards, in English, are highly up-to-date.
The above subjects correspond to the subjects of the ACCA international certificate as follows:
Basic level ACCA subjects (F – Fundamental Level subjects) students will be trained at the university and learn all in English.
Applied Knowledge:
• AB- F1 – Accounting in business
• MA- F2 – Management Accounting
• FA- F3 – Financial Accounting
Applied Skills:
• LW- F4 – Business and corporate law (Vietnam)
• PM- F5 – Performance Management
• TX- F6 – Tax (Vietnam)
• FR- F7 – Financial statements
• AA- F8 – Auditing and assurance services
• FM- F9 – Financial Management
Professional level ACCA subjects (Professionals) include 04 subjects, of which 2 are compulsory:
• SBL: Corporate strategic leadership
• SBR: Corporate Strategy Report
2 electives in the following 4 subjects:
• AFM – Advanced Financial Management
• APM – Advanced Performance Management
• ATX – Advanced Tax
• AAA – Advanced assurance and auditing services
2. How to conquer ACCA?
To pass each subject F, the score must be 50% or higher. By completing only 3 subjects of the Applied Knowledge level, students will receive a Diploma in Accounting and Business (Diploma in Accounting and Business). If you want to get the Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business, you need to conquer more Applied Skills level subjects. Finally, a condition to be granted a Professional Level Certificate is that you have completed all 13 exams of the ACCA program and have at least 3 years of working experience related to finance, accounting, audit, bank tax and pass an online professional ethics test. In general, to conquer ACCA is an arduous road, but you need to understand that all efforts are compensated.
3. Degree
When graduating from ACCA majoring in Accounting – Auditing, students will have the opportunity to receive the following degrees:
– Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, majoring in Accounting – Auditing.
– ACCA Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business after completing 9 subjects at the Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills levels of the ACCA program.
– Bachelor of Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University (UK) after completing 9 subjects at the Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills levels of the ACCA program and writing a 9,500-word dissertation. This Bachelor’s degree allows new graduates to continue their studies in master’s programs in the UK.
4. Career opportunities with ACCA
With the ACCA certificate, you can try yourself in today’s big corporations like Big 4 auditing:
• PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC)
• Deloitte (Deloitte)
• Ernst and Young (E&Y)
But if you think that studying ACCA Accounting, you can only do Accounting or Auditing, you are wrong. With a vast amount of knowledge covering many fields, in addition to accountants or auditors, students can still take on management roles in enterprises, some positions can be mentioned such as:
• Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
• Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
• Auditor
• Taxes consultant
• Head of Finance/Corporate Administration
• Budget control and management positions
• Key positions at banks (CFO, Risk management, Treasury department head)…
In fact, only about 30% of ACCA members work as auditors, the remaining 70% work for businesses, in financial services or in government agencies (data from ACCA).
5. Some other notes about the study program
• During their study, you will have the opportunity to access extremely useful business programs such as Office Tour – business visits or internship programs at leading auditing firms in Vietnam.
• In addition, when studying in the program, students are given priority in recruitment programs of Accounting and Auditing firms and large enterprises that cooperate with the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing.
• Have the opportunity to receive many valuable scholarships from the partners of the Faculty and the University.
• Have the opportunity to participate in professional seminars and seminars
• Supported by teachers, Alumni, and students at the school. In particular, the CFAA club – The Future Auditor Accountants Club is a club that is professionally sponsored by the Faculty of Accounting – Auditing and always accompanies the Faculty in major events on accounting majors – audit.