1. Eligibility Criteria:
  • Must meet the health requirements for studying as per current regulations.
  • Must provide accurate personal information, application documents, and meet the specified entry thresholds.

Admission for Part-time Undergraduate Programme: Candidates who have graduated from Vietnam’s high school program (through regular or continuing education) or have graduated from a foreign high school program (with permission from the home country, achieving an equivalent level to Vietnam’s high school program) either in a foreign country or in Vietnam.

Admission for University transfer to Part-time Undergraduate Programme:

  • Individuals with a college degree can apply for transfer to receive an additional undergraduate degree.
  • Individuals with a university degree or higher can apply for transfer to receive an undergraduate degree in a different field of study.
  1. Application Period: Estimated to be August-September 2023
  2. Enrollment Period: Expected to be September 2023
  3. Application Fee: 400,000 VND per application.
  4. Submission Location: Feretco, Building T, No. 91 Chua Lang, Dong Da, Hanoi.

For detailed information on application documents, please visit:…/460-thong-bao-tuy-n-sinh-d…

  1. For Further Details, Please Contact:
  2. *0977402253/0915656373 – Mr. Hoang.
  3. *(024) 38355961