Expected Learning Outcomes


The Bachelor program of ACCA Professional Accounting – Auditing program is designed to ensure that graduates will achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Knowledge

(PLO1) Applying the foundation knowledge of political science, social science, methodology, general science, information technology, and other general education knowledge to support for life-long study, research, and work.

(PLO2) Organizing and implementing accounting, auditing, finance and tax profession in enterprises according to international and Vietnamese accounting – auditing standards;

(PLO3) Apply methods of analyzing financial accounting and managerial accounting information for decision making.

(PLO4) Budgeting, controlling, evaluating, and recommending proper solutions to improve operational efficiency of enterprises.

(PLO5) Applying accounting-auditing knowledge and profession in financial accounting, managerial accounting, auditing, tax, financial management, law in accordance with international standards.

  1. Skills

(PLO6) Having skills in preparing and auditing financial statements;

(PLO7) Having skills in analyzing, evaluating, and reporting information for decision making in the fields of accounting, auditing, tax and finance;

(PLO8) Having skills in communication, presentation, criticism, and debate;

(PLO9) Having English qualification at level 4/6 of Vietnam Foreign Language Competency Framework promulgated together with Circular No. 01/2014/TT-BGDT as well as using English fluently to analyze, process, examine, evaluate, and provide information in the field of accounting and auditing;

(PLO10) Having IT ability at a level as prescribed in Circular 03/2014/TT-BTTTT and able to use supporting software in professional fields.

  1. Autonomy and responsibility  

(PLO11) Have the ability to actively study, research, accumulate knowledge and experience to improve professional qualifications as well as having ability to plan, assign, guide, and supervise the work of team members when performing tasks;

(PLO12) Understanding of professional ethics, having firm spirit to overcome difficulties, having innovative, creative, and having responsibility for individuals and groups as well as a sense of providing service to the community.