Note for candidates applying for the 1st round of admission, in 2022


1. About registration time:

Candidates register online at the University’s online admission system at the address, print the application form from the system and submit the application before 5:00 pm on 12/07/2022 (according to postmark)

During the registration process, candidates can arrange and adjust their admission requirements.

Once the profile is locked, printed the Registration Form and submitted, the candidate will not be able to adjust the information and admission requirements.

2. About registration documents

Candidates are allowed to register unlimited methods and aspirations.

In case a candidate registers for multiple admissions methods, sets his wish to many training institutions, candidates also only need to submit a single set of documents.

For example:

Candidates applying for both Methods 1, 2 and 5 to all 3 institutions and all 3 methods are required to submit transcripts.

In this case, candidates only need to submit only 1 transcript (or High School Certificate of Score).

3. About how to choose and arrange aspiration

– Candidates who are eligible for admission by any method/combination can register their aspirations according to that method and combination – there is no limit to the number of aspiration and selection methods as well as the selection combination.

– The aspirations are arranged in order from 1 to the end and all have the same admission value, regardless of the score of the application’s assessment.

For example:

If a candidate is a student of a specialized school, has an international foreign language certificate, has a National Prize, a Provincial/City prize, and participates in the National University’s competency assessment exam:

– can apply for aspiration in all methods 1, 2 and 5.

– can actively arrange aspirations mixed methods/objects/combinations.

(You can arrange your wishes like the following example without violating the admission rules:

NV1 – Method 1 – Target students – Group A00 – Registration code TC1

NV2 – Method 2 – Students with international certificates – Combination A01 – Registration code CLC1

NV3 – Method 5 – Subjects of the assessment – Registration code TC1

NV4 – Method 1 – Specialized students – Group D01 – Registration code TC2

NV5 – Method 1 – Students with provincial prizes – Complex D01 – Registration code TC12

In this hypothetical case, all candidates’ aspirations are considered equally. The score of the profile of the aspirants is not discriminatory. Because there is NV1 is TC1, so even though there is a desire to be TC12 – training at CS2 – HCMC. In Ho Chi Minh City, candidates’ application documents will have to be sent to Hanoi Head Office and only need to send 1 set of documents.)

4. About admission fee

For the University’s own method of admission to a regular university, the school does not charge admission fees

5. About the application submission location

Candidates should submit their application to the following locations:

+ Candidates with Aspiration 1 for admission to Hanoi Headquarters or Quang Ninh Campus: submit documents to the address of Hanoi Headquarters

+ Candidates with Aspiration 1 for admission to Campus 2 – Ho Chi Minh City: submit documents to the address of Campus 2

In the event that you have many aspirations at many institutions, you only need to submit only 1 set of documents according to the instructions above.