Instructions for students of course 60 on Central Learning Plan from 16/02/2022


1. About the school schedule
⏰ The Department of Training Management has rearranged the class schedule of all students in the course according to a flexible combination of face-to-face learning and online learning. K60 members will be allocated some face-to-face lessons and some online lessons.
🪖 The course schedule for the EducationQP – AN module has been adjusted. K60 students will start studying this course from March 21, 2022.
2. Regarding compliance with regulations on epidemic prevention
💉 Cases of less than 2 injections and 14 days or more; cases coming from level 3 (orange), level 4 (red) areas on the first day of school are required to have a negative SARS-CoV-2 screening test result (due to a medical unit having a acute laboratory function) within 72 hours from the time of sample collection. In case of needing the school to support vaccination, please contact the Health Department at the hotline number below for specific instructions.
📲 Regular medical declarations and code scans are required at public places in the school using the PC-Covid application.
🌡 You must check your body temperature before coming to school.
😷 Must strictly comply with 5K and epidemic prevention and control regulations.
☎️ If there is an epidemiological factor, proactively report to the class teacher about the health situation, report and ask permission from the credit class teacher to switch to online learning or leave school to monitor at home. and report to local health authorities.
📒 Depending on the specific situations, students follow the instructions in the SAFETY HANDBOOK TO PREVENT COVID-19 IN SCHOOL (attached to this notice) and promptly contact for support. on learning and epidemic prevention and control.
3. About completing the student profile
🟩 Get class list and get back original documents, submit student photo book.
🟦 Make student card and library card, submit the Military Service Transfer Certificate.
🟫 Complete the medical examination and health insurance procedures.
🟪 Completing dossiers and papers related to Party transfer, Union membership book.
4. About student support and connection activities
💻 Students who need help with online learning accounts and information technology issues should follow the guidance of the Information Technology Center.
📚 The School Library serves students online and in person. Students register to use the online library according to the instructions attached to this notice.
💃🕺 Students who participated in the We, the Icebreakers season 2 contest will be arranged to organize group connection activities, connect product demonstrations, and perform typical performances from March 1, 2022.
🏠 Support to find housing, register to stay at the Dormitory and other support: Students are advised to contact the Student Support Center.
5. Notes
🔔 The Training Management Department convenes all administrative class presidents to attend the first meeting to inform and carry out related work.
🕘 Time: 15:00 on February 17, 2022
🏫 Venue : Hall D201
For more information see: