Typical Student


With each passing course, the Faculty of Accounting – Auditing is always proud of the students not only doing well in their studies, but also extremely dynamic and actively participating in collective activities. Let’s find out some typical student faces of the Faculty and learn from them!!!

Student: Le Nhu Hieu (Student K54 – majoring in Accounting and Auditing Faculty of Business Administration)

Thanh likes to study:

  1. Graduated from Foreign Trade University majoring in Accounting – Auditing Faculty of Business Administration with excellent degree with graduation score of 3.74/4
  2. Join the short exchange program between Nagoya University Japan and Foreign Trade University with JASSO scholarship
  3. Vietcombank Scholarship for the academic year 2017-2018
  4. VPBank scholarships for the academic year 2018-2019
  5. Aeon Scholarship for the academic year 2017-2018
  6. Won 4 scholarships for students with excellent achievements at Foreign Trade University
  7. Scientific research project at school level for 2 consecutive years
  8. There are 4 scientific research papers published in journals. In which, 1 article was published in the scientific research journal of Accounting and Auditing.
  9. Participated in the audition and passed the selection round of 3 Big4 (Deloitte, KPMG, EY)
  10. Currently working as an audit assistant at Ernst & Young Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Extra-curricular interests:

  1. Head of Accounting – Auditing Division, Foreign Trade University, Course 54
  2. Vice President of Talented Student Association, Faculty of Business Administration, Foreign Trade University

Other activities: Become an official member of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

Note: From K55 onwards, the Faculty of Accounting – Auditing will manage new students majoring in Accounting – Auditing. The previous courses were students majoring in Accounting – Auditing of the Faculty of Business Administration.