Prize announcement


From ACCA Vietnam :

Congratulations to Hoang Gia Huy, prize winner in PM, term 3/2019!

Those of you who plan to take the PM exam this term, remember to read the article to get motivated to do well.


Hello everyone, I’m Hoang Gia Huy, prize winner in PM of the March 2019 exam. I am currently a final year student at Foreign Trade University, Faculty of Accounting and Auditing. I was known and had the opportunity to interact with ACCA since my 2nd year of university. PM and FA are my first two exams in the ACCA curriculum. For me, the ACCA program brings a lot of rich and highly applicable knowledge to my field of study. In addition, my career goal is to apply to Big4 companies after graduation, so studying ACCA is an indispensable thing I need to do at the moment.

Back to PM, the time to study this subject and the FA is also the time when other exams at school take place, so I’m quite struggling to divide the time appropriately for each subject; not to mention the two common exams PM and FA both have different knowledge bases. However,  the ACCA program is integrated with the school curriculum, so I think that is also a great advantage when I study ACCA. A little summary of my learning process is as follows: a week I always spend 2-3 days taking the mock test; listen carefully to class lectures and online lectures; When reviewing, I do the exercises first, try to apply what I remember when listening to the lecture to solve the lesson, when I have a problem that I can’t think of, I just review the book or ask my friends. When taking the exam, I try to allocate a reasonable time for each question, about 3 minutes / sentence in a total time of 180 minutes. For those of you who are not good at English, in the essay exercise, you only need to score the main keywords, separate the ideas clearly, you will get points without paying too much attention to the grammar.

I would like to remind those of you who are about to enter the September exam, take advantage of the review time to prepare well, in addition, choose exam subjects that have the same knowledge base or complement each other (eg. For example, the MA subject will supplement knowledge to review PM, when you choose these two subjects to study together, it will help the review process to be smoother and more scientific). In addition, I highly encourage those of you who are still in the lecture hall, if you plan to study ACCA in the future, start studying as soon as possible, because this is the most ideal time for you to take advantage of time to learn and consolidate knowledge.