New Student Accounting – Valedictorian of D01 Block Nationwide


With a score of 29, including 10 in Math, 10 in English and 9 in Literature, Nguyen Ngoc Khanh, Hanoi National University of Education, became the valedictorian of block D nationwide.

As a junior high school student at Hanoi – Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, and then admitted to an English class at Hanoi National University of Education for the Gifted, Khanh was familiar with the high-pressure and intense learning environment from an early age. .

Receiving news of admission to the ACCA-oriented Accounting – Auditing major of Foreign Trade University from the end of July, Khanh still kept the same pace of review. Despite becoming the national valedictorian of the D01 block, the girl born in 2002 intends to still enroll according to the results of the school report she has passed, not submitting her high school graduation exam scores to “give the opportunity to other students”.…