🎓 Sharing a 4-year Journey at the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing, Foreign Trade University – Part 2


🌟 “Hello everyone, I am Ly Tran Hoang Huong, a student of K58, majoring in Accounting – Auditing in the standard program. I’m thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to share my memorable 4-year journey at the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing of Foreign Trade University.

🌟 Four years ago, my dream was to find an educational environment that would help me unlock my full potential and, of course, help me achieve my desired career in the future. In the final months of my high school years, I was torn when choosing my field of study. Eventually, after a change of heart, I confidently chose my first preference: Accounting – Auditing at FTU, despite the surprise of my family, friends, and even myself. And I’m sure I will never regret this swift decision.

🌟 It’s safe to say that, up to this point, my learning journey at the FAA FTU has exceeded my initial expectations when I first stepped onto the campus. Under the dedicated guidance and mentorship of the professors at the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing, I’ve grown more mature and gained invaluable experiences. Not only have I acquired knowledge within the classrooms, but the professors also provide practical advice that’s incredibly beneficial when stepping into the real world.

🌟 Speaking of the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing’s professors, I can’t help but mention their youthful spirit and fun-loving nature. To truly experience this, don’t hesitate to join the events organized by the department and the CFAA. Alongside that, I’ve been fortunate to have the companionship of amazing friends. Although sometimes challenging to stand alongside such talented and dynamic individuals, remember, “Through good days and bad/ Under the sun or stormy skies/ We’re here for each other/ Together we rise.”

🌟 A heartfelt thank you to the FAA family for nurturing the young and naive girl I once was into the person I’ve become today. I will always remember and forever want to express my sincere gratitude to the professors at the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing and the friends who have always stood by my side. I hope that the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing continues to thrive and achieve even greater success.”

-Shared by Ly Tran Hoang Huong – K58 Outstanding Student at Faculty Level