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📌 Link to register for Kick-off Day in Vietnam: (Deadline to fill out application form: 23:00 on 15/02/2023)
📌 Link to register for interest and learn about the program: (Deadline to fill out application form: 23h on 10/03/2023)
📌 Link to register for the Training of Trainer (TOT) program: (Deadline for filling out the application form: 23:00 on February 24, 2023)
🇻🇳 In 2019, the Mom & Me Care project to ensure the healthy health of babies and women of reproductive age won the 2nd runner-up in the global final of SBC 20219.
🇻🇳 In 2021, the project NANONEEM Safe plant protection from herbs, born after 9 months of research, has reached the most prestigious SBC 2021 global champion
🇻🇳 In 2022, Project VECA with a business model of recycled materials won the SBC 2022 Global Champion
🎯 Business creating social impact is a trend that has been, is and will be the orientation and development strategy of many countries, international organizations, and businesses around the globe. Over many contest seasons, the global Social Business Creation contest has become a launching pad for many excellent projects, many of which are projects of young Vietnamese people. The founders and accompanies of projects representing Vietnam at the global Social Business Creation stage, from students, young start-ups or companion advisors, they have brought the colors of the national flag. of the country to the global startup arena with a sense of pride and unwavering belief in the values that businesses bring. They are people with a mission to build a sustainable social startup community, bringing with them enthusiasm, talent and knowledge to contribute to a prosperous Vietnam.
Social Business Creation (SBC) is a global program of social business innovation initiated, organized and professionally sponsored by HEC Montréal University of Canada (HEC) and 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunus. , aiming to realize the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Currently, SBC has 08 Hubs representing in many countries around the world such as Canada, Mexico, Germany, Argentina, India, Bangladesh, Bolivia and Vietnam…, has attracted 1500 participants and more than 120 Universities. from 26 countries around the world. From 2018, Foreign Trade University officially joined the network of co-organizers and creators of SBC around the world and became the management unit of SBC in Vietnam (SBC Vietnam Hub). In addition to innovative learning methods and rich experiences with global participants, SBC also offers participants the opportunity to win various cash prizes, scholarships, training courses, business visits, pitching the project directly with global teams in Canada, and winning post-contest incubation funding from EntrePrism.
📌 To promote the business model of creating social impact and become a comprehensive global ecosystem, the SBC global program includes 03 main activities including:
1. Global Competition for Social Business Innovation (SBC Competition);
2. Training program for mentors and trainers on social business (Training of Trainers – SBC TOT);
3. International conference on business creating social impact (SBC Conference)
📌 The SBC program is open to all subjects including pupils, students, young people, advisors, experts, lecturers, entrepreneurs, businesses, researchers, investors in Vietnam and globally. .
Participants in the global Social Business Creation contest:
➤ Students and students studying at universities, colleges, and high schools in Vietnam and around the world
➤ Young people with a spirit of curiosity and passion for start-up projects
➤ Businesses that are doing business with social impact
➤ Lecturers, experts from Universities, Organizations and Enterprises with experience in consulting, project consulting, start-up who wish to participate in projects as a consultant or consultant
Note: interested individuals who do not yet have the desired idea to participate, BTC will connect to join with established businesses/projects. Businesses have projects, BTC supports connecting with students with appropriate expertise, experience, good English ability
➤ Participating in the competition in teams/groups/projects, unlimited number of members, each team must have at least 1 member who is a student from a College or University
➤ Projects of participating businesses and startups need to connect with at least 1 member who is a student from colleges and universities.
➤ Contestants who do not have a team/team/project to participate in the competition will be supported by the BTC team-up with established projects/ideas/enterprises.
➤ Round 1 – SOCIAL INNOVATION: April-May 2023 (online)
➤ Round 2 – BUSINESS MODEL INNOVATION: May-June 2023 (online)
➤ Round 3 – SOCIAL BUSINESS EXECUTION: July-August 2023 (online)
➤ Round 4 – SOCIAL BUSINESS ACCELERATION : August-September 2023 (online)
➤ Bootcamp Round, Grand Final Final and Investment Fair in Montreal, Canada: September 2023
Note: Vietnamese project/team can participate in the contest in Vietnamese for regional rounds
🏆 For Teams
Track 1: Award for Established Business
➤ Best Social Business Development Award for enterprise project worth 38,500 CAD which includes 30,000 CAD cash and 1 scholarship at MOSAIC Summer School for Innovation & Innovation Management in Canada and Spain creating value price 8,500 CAD
➤ Second Prize – Social Business Development Development: Certificate
➤ Third Prize – Social Business Development Development: Certificate
Track 2: Award for Startup Business/Project
➤ The Best Social Business Development Startup Award is for a potential project, idea worth 38,500 CAD which includes 30,000 CAD in cash and 1 scholarship at the MOSAIC Summer School for Innovation & Innovation Management in Canada and the West Spain 8,500 CAD
➤ Second Prize – Social Business Development Startup: Certificate
➤ Third Prize – Social Business Development Startup: Certificate
Along with other valuable prizes:
➤ 10 Impactful Social Business Idea Awards for the top 10 round 1: Certificates
➤ 8 Innovative Social Business Concept Awards for the top 8 Round 2: Certificates
➤ 6 Outstanding Growth-oriented Social Business Awards for Top 6 of Round 3: Certificates
➤ Quo Vadis prize worth 5,000 CAD for 01 project applying circular economy model
➤ 1 Audience Choice Award of CAD 8,500 for the most voted team
🏆 For educational institutions
➤ 1 Impactful Change Agent Award: 30,000 CAD cash
➤ 1 Emerging Change Agent Prize: CAD 10,000 cash
️🏆 For individuals
➤ 5 Impactful Educator Awards for mentors (mentors/coachs) who make positive contributions to projects worth CAD 2,500 in cash
➤ 5 Outstanding Evaluator Awards for judges with the best review quality and impact comments on projects valued at CAD 2,500 in cash
➤ 10 Transformative Entrepreneurial Journey (TEJ) Awards worth 2000 CAD/individual – fees for participation in SBC Leadership Training course
➤ 5 SBC Ambassador Awards worth CAD 2,500 for the Top 5 Ambassadors with the most outstanding contribution during the competition
➤ Award L.J. Fillion for TEJ winners of CAD 2,000 – travel expenses related to SBC Leadership Training
🌟 The biggest prize value is up to 30,000 CAD cash in the final round and cash prizes, certificates, trophies, medals in rounds 1,2,3,4
🌟 Scholarships at MOSAIC Summer School for Innovation & Innovation Management in Canada and Spain
🌟 Receive an invitation for 07 days to visit, learn business models that create social impact, investment fair in Canada, seminars with global leaders, one-on-one coaching with CEOs, leading experts from multinational corporations, expand relationships with international friends
🌟 Full Scholarship for Social Business Innovation Online Training Course from HEC Montréal worth 500 CAD for each attendee
🌟 Connect with young people and businesses with the same passion and creative ideas for social business in Vietnam and globally
🌟 Direct project training and pitching course with global teams held in Canada, receiving invitations to attend Investment Fair
🌟 Being trained by SBC coaches and experts from domestic and international enterprises and corporations directly trained, accompanied and consulted to develop ideas and projects to participate in SBC
🌟Opportunity to be coached 1-1 with top advisors and experts in Vietnam and internationally in each round
🌟 Chance to win incubator funding after the Competition from EntrePrism Incubator (Canada) and FIIS Center (FTU)
🌟 Receive an international certificate from HEC Montreal Canada, a certificate from SBC Hub in Vietnam and prizes through each round
🔴 See details at:
📌 Individuals, businesses, experts in Vietnam or participating in contests with Vietnamese projects will register at SBC Hub in Vietnam (Foreign Trade University). If you are interested, please fill out the application form and learn about the contest: (Deadline for filling out the application form: 11pm on 10/03/2023)
📌 Link to register for Kick-off Day in Vietnam: (Deadline to fill out application form: 23:00 on 15/02/2023)
The training program for mentors and trainers on Social Entrepreneurship Innovation (SBC TOT) is designed and taught by HEC Montréal University of Canada in order to equip the necessary knowledge and tools to improve team capacity. faculty and mentors to start a business, from which to build Program and support for businesses, social creative business projects in Vietnam and around the world. The TOT program is designed to include:
– Training course, knowledge transfer via Zoom platform from March 1 to September 14, 2023
– Practice support, mentoring in the SBC global competition from March 1 to September 30, 2023.
– Transfer documents, forms, formats
– Cooperate, connect with a global network of SBC lecturers, experts and advisors
Participants in the Training of Trainer (TOT) program:
➤ Lecturers, experts from Universities and Enterprises
➤ Trainers, experts with experience in consulting, consulting business projects, starting a business, or wishing to become advisors, consultants, advisors for business projects, enterprises
The program includes several lecture and practice series from March to September 2023. Specifically:
➤ Foundational Course: March 1-8, 2023, in addition to knowledge and skills on impact business, Mentor & Coach, training and mentoring program for trainers and experts about writing teaching cases and international publications on innovation and entrepreneurship, business creating social impact…
➤ Specialized training and practice (Specialized training) includes 4 modules:
– Social Innovation Generation – SIG (Online): April-May 2023
– Business Model Innovation – BMI (Online): May-June 2023
– Social Business Implementation (Online) : July-August 2023
– Social Impact Acceleration – SIA (Online & Offline at HEC Montreal): August-September 2023
➤ Experts, mentors, and lecturers accepted to participate in the program will be granted a scholarship of CAD 4,400 to participate.
➤ Helping experts and lecturers of colleges and universities become trainers and mentors on entrepreneurship and business to create social impact
➤ Provide the necessary knowledge and tools to build and develop programs and materials to support the development of businesses that create social impact
➤ Improving research capacity and international publication in the world’s leading journals and publishers
➤ Receive invitations to attend live programs at HEC Montreal, have the opportunity to interact and connect with experts and advisors from SBC Vietnam Hub and other countries around the world.
➤ Cooperate, connect with SBC’s network of lecturers, experts and advisors in Vietnam and globally
➤ To be transferred the formats, forms and important documents related to the training program and the SBC competition
➤ Received TOT training certificate, start-up mentorship certificate in SBC program issued by HEC Montreal, Canada
🔴 See details at:
Lecturers, experts and advisors from SBC Hub Vietnam’s partner schools/enterprises will have the opportunity to receive a full scholarship worth CAD 4,400 to participate in the SBC TOT program.
Register via SBC Hub in Vietnam (Foreign Trade University)
📌 Link to register for the SBC Training of Trainer (TOT SBC) program: (Application deadline: 20:00 on February 24, 2023)
The International Conference on Social Impact Business (SBC Conference) is organized annually by HEC Montreal (Canada), Northampton University (UK), Foreign Trade University (Vietnam), and Management School ESSCA (France) aims to help professionals, scholars and researchers worldwide to exchange scholarly and promote research in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship, business with social impact. The conference is held annually at HEC Montreal University Canada. In 2023, the SBC International Conference with the theme “EMPOWER THE DISADVANTAGES” will take place on June 15-20, 2023 in a hybrid format, both online and in person, in Montreal, Canada.
🔴 See details at:
➤ Lecturers, experts, researchers on entrepreneurship, innovation, social issues, business creating social impact…
➤ Individuals from Organizations, Enterprises, State Agencies, NGOs… are interested in social issues, business creates social impact
➤ Entrepreneurs from social impact businesses
Format: Online & Offline at HEC Montreal
Track 1: Practitioner-oriented Conference: June 15-18, 2023
➤ Track 2: Academic-oriented Conference: June 19-20, 2023
The registration fee for participants will depend on the type of participation:
➤ Practitioner-oriented June 15-18 (online): 50 CAD
➤ Practitioner-oriented June 15-18 (at HEC Montreal, including food): 200 CAD
➤ Academic-oriented June 19-20 (online): 50 CAD
➤ Academic-oriented June 19-20 (at HEC Montreal, including food): 200 CAD
All members and former members of the SBC Hub network and contributors to the SBC contest will receive a 50% participation scholarship. Register to participate at:
️🎯 The official INFORMATION AND CONNECTION DAY in Vietnam will be held in the form of Online and offline at Foreign Trade University at 14h00 – 16h30 on 22/02/2023, register to participate right here: )
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“Passion for reinventing the world for youth. It makes society good.”
Not only is it an opportunity for young people who love the business field to create social impact to pursue their passions and realize their ideas, the SBC 2023 global program also helps them complete projects. to create impact and spread good values to the community. The passion of youth crystallizes in meaningful business projects that will contribute to the creation of a civilized and good society.
Please fill out the interest form quickly to get more information of SBC 2023!
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➤ Address: FTU Innovation and Incubation Center (FIIS) – Room F101, Building F – Foreign Trade University, No. 91 Chua Lang, Dong Da, Hanoi
➤ Hotline:
Managing SBC Vietnam Hub:
Dr. Nguyen Thu Hang – Deputy Director of FIIS Center (Tel: 0904 651 868)
Ms. Vu Thu Hien – Project Manager (Tel: 0925 463 099)
Management of SBC Youth Com:
Ms. Le Hai Binh – Chairman of SBC YC (Tel: 0845206236)
Ms. Van Anh – Head of External Relations Department (Tel: 0378896002)
Ms. Diep Anh – Head of Business Development Department – Support participants (Tel: 0388069179)
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