Luna New Year is coming


Only a few more days, we will celebrate the Lunar New Year – the traditional Tet of the Vietnamese people. Have you felt the Tet atmosphere that is overflowing everywhere? Perhaps each of us has our own feelings about Tet. Tet reminds us of apricots, peaches, and kumquats; of green banh chung, pickled onions, lean ham, and frozen meat. Tet is the joy and rejoicing in the moment of reunion with family every spring.
Tet atmosphere is coming very close to our big family of FTU. In the joyful and warm atmosphere of the last days of this year, Foreign Trade University organized the event for Tet with the theme of COUNTRY COLOR for all staff and students in the year. The school has the goal of connecting students and lecturers, and at the same time, giving students the opportunity to experience and raise awareness about Tet values – the values of traditional Vietnamese culture.
We will recreate the atmosphere of the traditional Tet right at Foreign Trade University with attractive activities:
Competition “Presenting a tray of five fruits and arranging flowers”.
Experience wrapping and cooking banh chung.
Experience folk games.
Experience the cuisine of the countryside market.
Experience calligraphy writing activities.
To he culture experience.
Experience Tet space.
Let’s look forward to these exciting activities!
————————————————— ————-
Venue: Courtyard A, home yard D of Foreign Trade University
Time: 9:00am – 2:00pm on 11/1/2023