K56 Graduation Ceremony – K56 FAA Take-Off


The graduation ceremony for K56 has passed, but the Faculty of Accounting – Auditing believes that the course left each one of us unforgettable memories, memorable memories during the 4-year period grinding history in the university lecture hall with friends and teachers.

We – members of the family FAA – have spent 4 meaningful years together. Graduation ceremony is not a farewell, an end, but it will be a new beginning in your life, opening a new challenge on the path of self-affirmation of each person. The teachers in the Faculty will always accompany the students in their upcoming plans and plans because FAA is the common roof of everyone.

With the desire to keep memorable moments as well as review the memories of the past time, the Faculty of Accounting – Auditing will hold a graduation ceremony exclusively for the newly graduated K56 students of the Faculty with the hostess. title “K56 FAA TAKING”. Besides, in order to help them have the right orientation when they graduate from school to avoid surprises and equip themselves with more skills before entering the profession, the Faculty of Accounting – Auditing will organize a seminar to share experiences. Experience with famous speakers in the field of finance and accounting:

– Ms. Nguyen Viet Nga – Deputy General Director of Nexia STT Auditing and Consulting Company.

– Mr. Pham Long – Associate professor, PhD, Lecturer at the University of Louisiana (USA), leading research expert in the fields of Business Administration, banking, and finance.

Participants: Students K56 at Hanoi campus and Quang Ninh campus

Time: 09:00 – Saturday, October 2, 2021

Location: online, teams code: ap48umo