FAA – Get together: A new journey, moving forward together


A new beginning has begun with the new students of Foreign Trade University, this is the time when they set foot on a new journey with goals and plans for their future career path. On that journey, they will meet and accompany new friends who share the same ideals, and cherish their aspirations for the future. With the aim of helping students learn about their major and find companions, the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing, Foreign Trade University, in collaboration with CFAA, organized an event exclusively for new majors. Accounting – Auditing – β€œFAA – GET TOGETHER: A new journey, moving forward together” on September 1st.

Coming to FAA – GET TOGETHER, new students will be provided with a comprehensive overview of the Accounting – Auditing industry. In addition, the students also got to know and listen to the sharing from the faculty, the experienced and enthusiastic predecessors of the faculty about career orientation. An extremely attractive part of the orientation session that the new students cannot miss is the opportunity to interact with teachers and friends through games, extremely unique and attractive musical performances on Mural app. Thereby, students can expand their networking and make friends with their classmates who will accompany them for 4 years at university. Especially, when participating in FAA – GET TOGETHER, they also have the opportunity to receive many attractive gifts from BTC.

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Time: 8:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Format: Meeting on Microsoft Teams and Mural platforms

Fanpage of Faculty of Accounting – Auditing Foreign Trade University: fb.com/FAAFTU