Congratulations on Graduation – K58 Students, Faculty of Accounting and Auditing!


This Sunday, September 10, 2023, we will officially bid farewell to the exciting years of study and countless experiences under the roof of the Accounting and Auditing Faculty at the Foreign Trade University. K58 has been an incredibly special cohort, having endured nearly two years of the Covid-19 pandemic together. We have overcome the toughest challenges to reach this graduation moment. This is a significant turning point in your lives, and the Accounting and Auditing Faculty takes immense pride in your achievements and dedication. We hope that the knowledge and skills you have acquired will serve as a solid foundation for your future careers.

Congratulations on your outstanding completion of your university journey at the Accounting and Auditing Faculty. Always strive for and pursue your passions. The Faculty is here to support and believe in you!

Let’s reminisce about our memorable moments throughout this time together.

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